Yazd Reproductive Sciences Institute is considered the only research and clinical center for infertility in Yazd which is established/ found in 1989. Including the different wards such as admissions, gynecology maternity ward, pharmacy, sonography, a wide range of services and 31 beds, Yazd Reproductive Sciences Institute is a small hospital specialized in the care of patients with the problem of infertility and all issues associated with it.

Phone+98 (35) 3824 8119
  • English
  • فارسی
  • العربية
Number of beds31 Beds
AddressBou- Ali St. , Saffaeiye, Yazd


  • Urology

    urologist concentrate on the urinary-tract system in men and women as well as male reproductive organs problems/diseases

  • Endocrinology

    Endocrinologist focuses on the glands and the hormones produced by them as well as metabolism processes.

  • Infertility

  • Admissions

  • Maternity, infertility and nursery

  • Ultrasound

  • Pharmacy

  • Laboratory

  • Diagnostic tests

  • Egg freezing

  • Genetic tests

  • IUI

  • Operating room

  • IVF

  • Sonography

  • Diagnostic laparoscopy

  • Meeting room

  • Public phone

  • Printing services

  • IPD

  • ATM

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