DHI Hair Transplant: Procedure, Recovery & Success Rate

Today, different techniques of hair transplantation are being practiced, each of which is suitable for a specific group of patients. Direct hair implementation (DHI) is a painless, scarless, and minimally invasive procedure which was devised by DHI Global Medical Group in 2005. In fact, DHI hair transplant is a modified and more advanced version of FUE, with more accuracy and higher success rate.

Upturned Nose Correction: Causes and Procedures

Upturned nose, also known as piggy nose or pixie nose, is a condition in which the tip of the nose angles upwards. Although this type of nasal shape does not cause any medical issue, it may make the nose look shorter, narrower, and less proportioned with other facial features. Today, there are both surgical and nonsurgical methods which reconstruct your upturned nose and alter its shape according to your taste.