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Raadina Travel Company holding the permission of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran, has started working in the field of medical tourism in order to facilitate treatment processes and resolve a number of communication challenges and problems such as the geographical, accommodation as well as the language barriers.

raadinahealth employees


Raadina Travel Company presents:

  • Reviewing the patient’s medical documents before traveling to Iran;
  • Estimating costs of diagnostic and treatment procedures and providing a treatment plan;
  • Applying for and receiving visa reference code and extending the visa (if necessary);
  • Issuing travel insurance;
  • Booking the best price hotels in Iran;
  • Arranging all kinds of transportation in Iran;
  • Buying bus, train, and plane tickets;
  • Providing interpreters to accompanying the patients during the treatment procedure to facilitate the communication;
  • Presenting high-quality health services in various medical fields;
  • Making appointments with modern health centers, hospitals, and well-experienced physicians in Iran;
  • Introducing various healthcare, check-up, and treatment packages;
  • Offering different health services and supports through the recovery period;
  • Executing various kinds of tour packages.


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