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With its well-equipped hospitals and well-experienced doctors, Iran is one of the most important health tourism destinations in the Middle East. The country is becoming one of the hubs of medical tourism in the world due to its high client satisfaction and affordable prices. Nowadays, many tourists travel to Iran to perform infertility treatment, cosmetic surgery, ophthalmology, and cosmetic and therapeutic dentistry, in addition to visiting the historical and natural attractions of the country.

Raadina Travel Co., as one of the most experienced health tourism companies in Iran, has obtained the necessary licenses from the Iranian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts, the license to obtain a medical visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the license to facilitate medical services for international patients from the Ministry of Health, under the brand "Raadina Health". 

Having a strong and expert team in the field of medicine, Raadina Travel Co. performs all tasks relative to patients' medical trips, from filing medical documents to the treatment and post-treatment support for domestic and foreign patients., while making the necessary arrangements with all Iranian healthcare centers.

Raadinahealth EmployeesRaadina Health EmployeesRaadina Health Employees


Raadina Travel Company presents:

  • Checking the patient's clinical documents or diagnostic documents (for free before patients travel via social media, website, email, phone, etc.);
  • Estimating the costs of diagnostic and treatment services and providing a medical consultation;
  • Applying for (or extending) a visa;
  • Issuing travel insurance; 
  • Booking hotels and accommodations;
  • Renting Cars;
  • Purchasing local and foreign tickets;
  • Providing translators and patient assistants;
  • Coordinating with the most well-equipped Iranian hospitals and well-experienced doctors;
  • Organizing wellness tours to spend the recovery period after the treatment period;
  • Holding wellness tours to check up and prevent the occurrence of diseases;
  • Organizing tourist tours for patients and their companions.

Raadina Health Team


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