Farabi Hospital

+98 21 55416134 - Farabi Comprehensive Center of Excellence in Ophthalmology Qazvin Square, Tehran1336616351, Iran

Farabi Hospital is one of the public hospitals in Tehran that was founded in 1921. It started its activity as a medical center after the outbreak of typhus and various medical and surgical departments, and many clinics were opened in this center.

In 1934, Prof. Mohammad Qoli Shams performed Iran's first cornea transplant operation in Farabi Hospital and turned this center into a specialized eye center.

Farabi Hospital, managed and supervised by Dr. Mohammad Reza Akbari. is currently the first and largest super specialty and urgent care eye hospital in Iran. 

This hospital has achieved many honors, some of which are:

  • First keratoprosthesis surgery in the world
  • A patent titled Artificial Orbit
  • The invention of a new surgical method to treat cyclotorsional deviation of the eyes, for the first time in the world
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