Dr. Hamid Amoozegar


Speaking: English Persian
Country :Shiraz
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Available Health Care

Electrocardiography Cardiac stress test

Awards and Certifications

  • Certified board practitioner and board professional

  • The first Iranian performer of fetal cardiac intervention (FCI) in 2000

  • Patent for measuring airway pressure (CPAP) in Neonatal by changing oxygen gauge

  • Patent for a device for measurement of neonatal jaundice

  • Top rank holder in board certification in pediatric in 2002

  • Board professional-certified in pediatric cardiology in 2007

  • Performing the closure of coronary artery fistulas in 2010 in Shiraz

  • Performing the closure of ventricular and cardiac perforation in children without open heart surgery in 2010 in Shiraz

  • Performing the first fetal cardiac intervention (FCI) in 2013 in Iran

  • Performing the first combined Intervention Strategy in hypoplastic heart syndrome in 2014 in Iran

Degree Level


Pediatric Cardiology Subspecialist

Hospital / Place of Service