Dr. Hamid Amoozegar

Physician - Pediatrician
Cardiac stress test

Awards and Certifications

Certified board practitioner and board professional

The first Iranian performer of fetal cardiac intervention (FCI) in 2000

Patent for measuring airway pressure (CPAP) in Neonatal by changing oxygen gauge

Patent for a device for measurement of neonatal jaundice

Top rank holder in board certification in pediatric in 2002

Board professional-certified in pediatric cardiology in 2007

Performing the closure of coronary artery fistulas in 2010 in Shiraz

Performing the closure of ventricular and cardiac perforation in children without open heart surgery in 2010 in Shiraz

Performing the first fetal cardiac intervention (FCI) in 2013 in Iran

Performing the first combined Intervention Strategy in hypoplastic heart syndrome in 2014 in Iran

Degree Level


Pediatric Cardiology Subspecialist

Hospital / Place of Service