Hollywood Smile in Iran

Operation Duration
1-5 hours
1-3 days

Operation Duration

1-5 hours






1-3 days
Hollywood Smile in Iran
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Having a beautiful smile is a key to attractiveness and self-confidence. Having dazzling, healthy, and white teeth makes a smile more beautiful. Today, various cosmetic dentistry procedures are practiced in Iran, all of which can improve your overall outlook to a great extent. In this article, we introduced one of the most common and popular techniques of enhancing dental appearance, i.e., the Hollywood smile.

What Is Dental Veneer?

A dental veneer, also known as dental laminate and Hollywood smile, is a thin shell covering the yellow, broken, or crooked teeth to make them look straight and whitish. Although composite and porcelain veneers are used worldwide, the latter is more prevalent among celebrities and the common person. Porcelain veneers are more popular because of their strength and impermeability, which means that they do not break, and their color doesn’t change quickly. Also, they can be fixed if the veneers break accidentally or fall off from the natural teeth.

Why Iran for Hollywood Smile?  

Iran is a proper destination for the ones who want to do cosmetic dental work such as dental veneer at a reasonable price. In Iran, countless cosmetic dental clinics offer high-quality services at a fair price. Also, Iran has the best cosmetic dentist in the world who can create a positive change for your teeth in a short period. 

Hollywood Smile Cost in Iran

In Iran, dental veneer costs depend on several factors, including the dentist’s fee, clinic’s facilities, intraoral and extraoral imaging, the natural tooth’s condition, number of veneers needed, and the type of veneer used for the patient. On average, the price of porcelain veneer in Iran ranges between 120 to 350 USD per tooth.

Types of Dental Veneers

Today, two types of dental veneers are used worldwide: composite and porcelain (ceramic). Read on for more information about how these veneers are made and used. 

Composite Veneer

Composite veneer, also called composite laminate, composite bonding, or a Hollywood smile is a method of cosmetic dentistry through which a tooth-colored composite resin is added to the tooth's outer surface to change its shape and color.

Hollywood smile has some advantages:

  • In most cases, the tooth shouldn’t be shaved;
  • You can remove it whenever you want;
  • It is cheaper than porcelain veneer;
  • There is no need for anesthesia administration;
  • The installation of the laminate is done in just one session; and
  • It is partially repairable.

As well as some disadvantages:

  • Its color changes over time;
  • It has lower strength;
  • It has lower durability;
  • It is hard to maintain;
  • It has less natural outlook; and
  • It cannot cover moderate to severe dental defects.

Although composite veneers are cheaper, since they start to wear out and stain after five years, they are less popular nowadays.

Porcelain Veneer

A porcelain veneer, also known as ceramic laminate, is a thin layer of dental ceramic that gets attached to the tooth's outer surface by a special kind of adhesive.

Porcelain veneer has some merits such as:

  • Its color doesn’t change over time;
  • It is firm and can withstand high pressure and impact;
  • It has longer lifespan (5 to 15 years);
  • It is easy to maintain; 
  • It can cover severe dental defects;
  • It looks and feel natural; and
  • It resists stain and cavity better than composite veneer.

And demerits such as:

  • It is expensive;
  • It is permanent and cannot be removed;
  • It is almost unrepairable;
  • It causes teeth sensitivity to hot and cold;
  • The procedure takes at least four appointments;
  • The natural tooth should be shaved; and
  • The procedure is done under local anesthesia.

Since porcelain veneers have more durability and can cover dental defects to a greater extent, they are more popular than composite veneers. However, ceramic laminates require healthy teeth and strong enamel, so if you have weakened or lost enamel, you should reconsider using porcelain veneers.

Good Candidates for Hollywood Smile

Although getting a Hollywood smile is a practical and convenient way to enhance one’s beauty, it is not proper for everyone. You are considered a less desirable candidate for achieving a Hollywood smile if you have cavities, decayed or broken teeth, and gum diseases. But, if you correct these problems, you will become a perfect candidate for using dental laminates. 

In general, people with the following features can benefit from this method of cosmetic dentistry:

  • Having good oral health;
  • Having plenty of tooth enamel;
  • Having misaligned teeth;
  • Having dental gaps; and
  • Having crooked, colored, chipped, or stained teeth. 

It is noteworthy that composite veneers are used for you if you have mild malocclusion (improper alignment of teeth). Still, if your teeth are too misaligned, porcelain laminates are used to cover the defects. 

Best Cosmetic Dentists in Iran

Hollywood smile is a popular cosmetic dentistry method in Iran; as a result, Iranian cosmetic dentists are well-experienced and experts in this field. Also, all the dentists in Iran have completed general dental courses in high-standard universities and have been educated in cosmetic dentistry for several years. So, they can eliminate your common dental problems and dental esthetic defects in a few sessions. 

Hollywood Smile Procedure in Iran

Getting composite veneers is a relatively simple procedure. First, the dentist shaves the surface of your teeth to prepare them for veneers’ bonding. Then, they apply a clay-like material to your teeth and form it manually until it fits the natural tooth. Then, the veneer is hardened by blue light.

However, getting a Hollywood smile is more complex and is done in four steps in Iran:

  1. Examining the teeth and gums: First, the dentist checks the condition of the teeth, jawbone, and gums to ensure they are healthy and strong enough to hold the porcelain veneers. Usually, the dentists take intraoral photos and x-rays and perform a physical examination to fully check the mouth and teeth. If you have decayed teeth, infection, or inflammation in the mouth, it should be treated before getting ceramic laminates.
  2. Preparing the tooth: In this step, the tooth is prepared for the installation of veneers. The dentist removes a small part of the enamel to make room for the veneers. This should be done so delicately that no damage is done to the enamel because it doesn’t grow back.
  3. Molding the teeth: Next, the dentist uses dental putty or an intraoral scanner to make a proper mold of your teeth. The molds are then sent to the dental laboratory, and the porcelain veneers are made accordingly. In this step and before making the final veneers, you can discuss the color and shade of your veneer with your dentist. Keep in mind that the color of porcelain veneers cannot be changed after the bonding phase.
  4. Bonding the veneers: In the last step, the veneers made in the laboratory are placed and adjusted on the natural teeth. Before fixing the laminates, the dentist checks your bite to ensure that the laminates are in the right place. Then, they fix the veneers on the teeth with a special bonding material and a light beam. Finally, when the dentist cleans off the extra bonding cement from the edges of the veneer, the procedure of getting a dental veneer is finished. 

Hollywood Smile Aftercare

Just like natural teeth, dental veneers need special care. To protect your laminates, follow these instructions:

  • Do not crack pistachios or almonds with your teeth;
  • Do not chew ice or hard foods;
  • Avoid grinding your teeth. If you grind or clench during sleep, wear a dental guard;
  • Do not hold a needle, hairpin, or any other hard object with your teeth;
  • Brush and floss your teeth according to your dentist’s instructions;
  • Use the toothpaste and mouthwash recommended by your dentist;
  • Get your veneers checked every three months;
  • Reduce the daily intake of tea, coffee, and colored beverages as their pigments alter the color of laminates;
  • Avoid smoking cigarettes as it can stain your veneers; and
  • If you have a fracture in your veneers, visit your dentist ASAP.

Side Effects of Hollywood Smile

  • They cannot be restored. If porcelain veneers break or stain, they should be replaced;
  • They cannot be removed. If the surface of the tooth is shaved, the veneer cannot be removed; 
  • They can damage the opposing teeth if you grind;
  • They may break, chip, or fall off over time;
  • Sometimes the color of the veneers does not match with the color of other teeth; 
  • Teeth sensitivity to hot, cold, and sweet foods and drinks; and
  • Gum inflammation 

FAQs about Dental Laminates in Iran

1) Do veneers cause damage to my gums and natural teeth?

No, your gums and natural teeth will not be hurt if your dentist is a cosmetic specialist with enough experience in this field.

2) How long does getting Hollywood Smile in Iran to take?

It generally takes about four to five sessions to get dental veneers. So, you can expect the entire process to take around 10 to 12 weeks.

3) Can I get dental laminates during pregnancy?

No. In the shaving and molding process, the dentist has to inject anesthetics that harm the fetus.

4) Do teeth rot under veneers?

Yes. Dental veneers do not cause or prevent tooth decay. Dental laminates only cover the tooth's outer surface, but the tooth's dorsal surface is still open. So, the decay of the tooth under the veneer depends on the patient's oral hygiene.

5) How many teeth can be laminated in Iran?

To determine the number of teeth to be laminated, you must check how many of your teeth appear when you smile. Most cases, between 8 to 10 teeth should be laminated to have a more beautiful smile.

6) Can Hollywood smile correct jaw deformity?

Jaw deformities usually require orthodontics and even orthopedic surgery. In very few cases where the deformity is minor, it can be corrected by composite or ceramic veneers.

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