IVF with Sperm Donor in Iran

  • Operation Duration
  • 1-2 hours
  • Hospitalization
  • 1 day
  • Anesthesia
  • general
  • Recovery
  • 3 days
  • Time to Result
  • 15 days

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One of the main causes of infertility in couples is male infertility. Timely check-ups and taking the necessary tests to diagnose the cause of infertility in men can increase their chance of becoming a father. However, if the male partner has serious genetic disorders, mental illness, or azoospermia, the couple must use IVF with donor sperm technique.

What Is IVF with Sperm Donor?

IVF with sperm donor is one of the third-party reproduction methods which is mostly used by couples who have fertility problems, women who have chosen single-parent lifestyle, and homosexual couples. In this method, a fertile man donates semen in a fertility clinic or at a sperm bank; then, after testing and analyzing semen sample, healthy sperms are donated to an infertile couple or a qualified candidate. 

Why Iran for IVF with Sperm Donor?

In Iran, family is of great importance to both the government and people. So, although some religious figures are against IVF with sperm donor, many use this method to have children. 

There are multiple reliable sperm banks in Iran where you can donate sperm or receive one. In addition, Iran has the best IVF clinics with the latest technologies and skilled specialists who are expert in the field of assisted reproductive technology. It should be said that the main purpose of sperm donation in Iran is to help the infertile couples and the money you receive is not too much. So, if your main motivation for donating sperm is helping other people, Iran is a proper destination for you.

Best Candidates for IVF with Sperm Donor 

In infertile couples, when the male partner has fertility problems, donor sperm is used. Generally, the fertility specialists recommend the couples to use donor sperm if the male partner has one of the following problems: 

  • Inability to provide semen sample for IVF or IUI; 
  • Necrotic sperms;
  • Incurable genetic disorders such as Angelman syndrome or Charcot–Marie–Tooth disease (CMT); and
  • Chromosomal abnormality.

How to Prepare for IVF with Sperm Donor?

Before IVF with sperm donor, the donor should take several medical evaluations to determine if he has sexually-transmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV, and hepatitis B and C or not. The donors are also asked about their genetic disorders including hemophilia, thalassemia, cystic fibrosis, congenital adrenal disease, mental retardation, heart disease, and spina bifida. Men with a positive family history of these diseases will be removed from the list of donors.

When the couple found the right donor, the female partner should take a series of medical tests and use hormonal medications to boost her egg production and to prepare her uterus for receiving the embryo. 

Process of IVF with Donor Sperm in Iran

For donating sperm, the donor should masturbate in a private room at a fertility clinic and pour his semen into a sterile container with a lid. It is important that the donor should not use saliva or any chemical substances such as lubricant when providing the semen sample. Also, the donor should refrain from any sexual intercourse within 2-3 days before sperm donation.  

Then, the semen sample is washed in the laboratory and the healthy and motile sperms are separated and quarantined (in liquid nitrogen) for six months for further examinations. After six months, the sperms are defrosted and rescreened to see if they have infectious diseases or lose their quality during the freezing process.

After taking the necessary blood tests as well as the ovulation induction drugs, the female partner has to take some supplements to increase the production of FSH. Then, with the help of ultrasound or ovulation test, the time of ovulation is determined. On the ovulation day, the doctor retrieves one or more eggs from the mother’s uterus and transfers them to the laboratory to get fertilized by donated sperms. After fertilizing, the resulting embryo is then transferred to mother’s womb.

It is noteworthy that most fertility specialists in Iran perform a physical examination on the recipient a day before the IVF to make sure that the woman is healthy enough to become pregnant. 

Success Rate of IVF with Sperm Donor in Iran

In Iran, the success rate of IVF with sperm donor depends on the method of ART, the motility of the sperm, and the age and condition of the sperm recipient. In general, IUI and IVF are more successful than ICI and women under the age of 35 are more likely to get pregnant with donor sperm. According to the studies, 33% of women who received donor sperm through IVF became pregnant because in this method, the active and motile sperms are separated and washed first and then, they fertilize the egg in a controlled condition.  

FAQs about IVF with Sperm Donor in Iran

1) Is IVF with sperm donor in Iran worth it?

Yes. Iran has numerous fertility clinics and sperm banks that offer you the best healthcare services at an affordable price. So, if you want to benefit from high-quality services but you are low on budget, Iran is a proper destination for you.

2) How can I choose my sperm donor for IVF in Iran?

Mostly in Iran, the couples find the right sperm donor through fertility clinics. However, you can also find a sperm donor by yourself. 

3) Is IVF with donor sperm in Iran risky?

No. Before IVF procedure, the sperms are rigorously monitored for STDs and genetic deficiencies; so, IVF with donor sperm in Iran has almost no risk. 


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