Implantation Symptoms

Implantation Symptoms: Implantation Bleeding Vs. Period

The first symptoms of implantation are nausea, light spotting, mild cramping, and food craving. Remember that implantation spotting differs from period to period in terms of color, amount, duration, and other factors. Implantation bleeding usually takes a couple of days, and its color is pink or brown. Also, its amount is so small that you don’t need a maxi pad.
HCG injection and its effect on pregnancy

How Does HCG Injection Help in Pregnancy?

The placenta naturally produces HCG during pregnancy, but in some cases, it is urgent to receive it as an injection. This hormone improves sperm parameters, balances both male and female hormones, helps the egg follicles grow better, and regulates ovulation. Therefore, the chance of pregnancy increases drastically after getting 5,000 to 10,000 units of this hormone.