What Not to Do After Liposuction for a Better Result?

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure through which unwanted fat deposits are extracted from different parts of the body by a suction device. Various methods of liposuction are practiced today, each of which has some pros and cons. Just like other cosmetic surgeries, it is important to have a postoperative plan after liposuction to promote the healing process and prevent potential side effects.
How does mild varicocele affect male infertility?

Is Grade 1 Varicocele a Serious Problem?

Varicocele occurs when the one-way valves in the veins do not function properly and cause blood to flow backward into the testicle due to the dilation of testicular veins and scrotal cord. The blood entering the testicles contains respiratory waste products. Therefore, varicocele can cause increased waste products in the testicle, increased testicular temperature, and sperm disorders in men.
All About the Main Causes of Female Infertility

What Are the Leading Causes of Female Infertility?

There are many different causes for infertility some of which relates to women and some to men. However, in some cases the cause of infertility associates with both man and woman. Infertility may also occur for unexplained causes, e.g., when the couple does not have any problem and the situation is completely normal but they cannot get pregnant