What to Eat in Corona Virus Disease Pandemic?

Due to the corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic and its high prevalence, it is important to observe the health tips and follow the healthy eating tips to prevent being infected by the disease or to control it. In this regard, some important nutrition tips are being discussed in this article in order to deal with the coronavirus disease and to boost the immune system:

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Drinking different types of fluids plays an important role in controlling the symptoms and reducing the risk of getting infected by coronavirus disease. Drinking water and tea or eating foods such as soup, along with strengthening the body, can reduce the energy expenditure.

Drinking different types of fluids plays an important role in controlling the symptoms of coronavirus disease

These types of foods are easy to digest and do not take much energy from the body. In addition, drinking relatively hot liquids has a positive effect and helps to eliminate or weaken the virus if it is inside the body.

Vitamins and Supplements to Fight Corona Virus

Research has shown that some vitamins are effective in boosting the immune system and also help control the possible symptoms of coronavirus disease. Vitamins C, D, E, B6, magnesium, selenium, and omega-3 fatty acids, by strengthening the immune system, reduce the possibility of coronavirus infection and its severe damages to the body. It should be noted that vitamin C is the main vitamin in boosting the immune system and consuming the vitamin in its natural form has a greater effect.

Healthy Eating Tips to Deal with Corona Virus

The best diet is always the most comprehensive one. In order to deal with the corona virus disease, it is best to use all food groups including cereals (especially whole-grain breads), fruit and vegetables (vegetables of different colors especially cabbage group), animal products (eggs, meat, chicken, fish), legumes, and low-fat dairy products.

Following a Healthy Diet During the Corona Virus Disease

In order to figure out which diet is the best for the patients with coronavirus disease, firstly their medical condition should be checked. It is necessary to distinguish the patients’ food allergies, their previous diets, the duration of the illness and the severity of their condition, the patients’ oral conditions, and other individual characteristics such as age, gender, and so on.

Next, the physician determines in what amount the patient needs different nutrients. For example; a patient needs 20 to 25 kcal: about 1.2 to 2 g proteins per every 1 kg of the body weight, and 20 to 30 g fibers (per day). It should be noted that it is best to use olive, sesame, and canola oils to provide the required body fat.

How to Plan a Healthy Diet for the Patients?

Since the condition of the patients with coronavirus disease is not the same, specific tips should be considered for each patient. For example, some patients with low disease severity are able to eat via mouth. In these cases, the food should be given to them by considering all the hygienic points. On the other hand, patients with more severe conditions may need to be fed through plastic tubes, therefore, the food should be provided in the appropriate form for this group of patients.

How to Plan a Healthy Diet for the Patients

Besides providing a healthy eating plan, medication interventions are also required. If a patient has a specific illness or needs extra medications in addition to nutrients, the physician should prescribe the medicines to be consumed in appropriate intervals.

Improving patients’ conditions is related to the diet plan provided by the doctor and it is important to pay special attention to the eating plan of children, pregnant women, and elderlies.

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