Why is Health Tourism Recommended in Iran?

Medical tourism is considered one of the branches of the tourism industry. Today, much attention is paid to health tourism in Iran because it improves access to healthcare services for people with different health backgrounds and budgets. With the advancement of medical tourism in Iran, the country has become one of the main hubs for receiving different medical treatments -especially plastic surgeries- in the Middle East. You can contact one of the Iran health agencies to apply for an Iran medical visa, book accommodation, and benefit from the country's high-standard healthcare services.

Why Was Medical Tourism Formed?

  • A long queue to start the treatment process;
  • Lack of medical facilities in the traveler's country;
  • High cost of treatment in the traveler's country;
  • Lack of insurance coverage;
  • Changes in consumer values;
  • Insufficient health care services in the traveler's country;
  • Population aging.

Advantages of Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism also has advantages for the targeted patients, including:

  • The high-tech healthcare system in the destination;
  • Lack of waiting for queue and quick-start treatment;
  • Reasonable price for treatment process as well as travel and accommodation costs.

health tourism in iran

Medical Tourism in Iran

Many people travel to different countries to access healthcare services every year, and Iran is one of the favorable destinations for medical tourism.

Due to the presence of skilled and experienced physicians, well-equipped medical centers, and up-to-date methods, Iran receives many patients from all over the world every year. The statistics show that in 2012, about 30,000 trips were conducted to Iran for medical purposes.

The availability of necessary medical opportunities in Iran has made this country an ideal destination for tourists seeking medical purposes. Also, the existence of warm and cold mineral springs, as well as progress in the field of technology, medical sciences, medicinal herbs, and owning particular geographic regions and various ecosystems, have turned Iran into a health tourism center in the world.

Iran Plastic Surgery Packages

Since plastic surgery is prevalent and familiar in Iran, Iranian plastic surgeons are experienced in this field, and the medical centers are equipped with the latest technologies. Raadina Co. offers the most affordable and customized plastic surgery packages for rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, breast and buttock augmentation, liposuction, etc., to those who wish to undergo plastic surgery in Iran.

Fertility Treatment in Iran 

With the increasing number of infertile couples worldwide, many patients travel globally to benefit from the best fertility treatments. Fortunately, Iran has the most skilled and well-educated fertility specialists worldwide who can make your dream of having a child come true. Raadina Co., with years of experience in providing the most affordable and wholesome infertility treatment packages in Iran, will guide and assist you in this journey. Some fertility packages offered by the Raadina team include IVF, IUI, ICSI, donor eggs, surrogacy, etc.

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medical tourism in iran

Is It Safe to Visit Iran as a Tourist?

Iran is generally considered safe for tourists, with millions of visitors from around the world traveling to the country each year. While political tensions can occasionally result in protests or demonstrations, tourists are advised to avoid participating in such activities and stay informed about local developments. Additionally, Iran's status as an Islamic Republic means that travelers should respect local customs and adhere to Islamic practices, particularly in religious sites. Female travelers should be mindful of cultural norms regarding gender segregation and dress modestly to avoid unwanted attention.

It's also essential for all tourists to take standard health and safety precautions, such as staying hydrated, avoiding unsafe areas, and practicing good food and water hygiene. Despite these considerations, Iran offers a rich cultural experience and is generally welcoming to tourists who exercise common sense and respect local customs.

Is Healthcare Expensive in Iran?

Healthcare in Iran is generally more affordable than in many Western countries. The cost of medical services, consultations, and medications is lower, making healthcare accessible to a broader segment of the population. Additionally, the government provides subsidies for essential healthcare services, medications, and medical supplies to ensure affordability for citizens. However, the cost of specialized treatments or procedures, particularly those not covered by insurance or subsidies, can still be significant for some individuals. Private healthcare facilities may also have higher fees compared to public hospitals and clinics. Overall, while healthcare in Iran is relatively affordable compared to some other countries, the expenses can vary depending on the type of treatment and the healthcare provider.

Why Yazd?

Yazd city is one of the top destinations for health tourism. The city is located in the center of Iran and is easily accessible through roads, railways, and flights from parts of the country. Yazd is rich in desert areas, which are considered one of the main attractions in Yazd for sightseeing.

However, the therapeutic properties of deserts for various diseases such as joint pain and its absolute silence and peace doubled the value of the desert to attract many travelers and meditators worldwide to experience Eco tours and health tours.

In addition to natural and historical attractions, the city of Yazd is one of the top medical destinations because it owns well-equipped hospitals and skilled physicians and specialists.

These features have made Yazd one of the best and most standardized regions in the Middle East in terms of medical facilities and specialized hospitals, especially in fields such as infertility, heart disease, etc.

Low-Cost Treatment

One of the main reasons for traveling to Iran to receive medical services is the low medical expenses here. In the past, people from developing countries traveled to developed countries to get better health services.

medical tourism cost

Nowadays, therapeutic travel has reached a new concept. Today, people travel to access high-quality health services at a lower price than the prices in their own countries. Yazd is considered one of the cheapest and, at the same time, one of the most prominent cities in Iran for medical purposes.

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Well-experienced Specialists and Physicians

Yazd houses a large number of proficient physicians in different fields. Many physicians and specialists from Yazd are famous all over the world. Prof. Abbas Aflatoonian in the field of infertility, Dr. Sadr in cardiology, and Prof. Owlia in rheumatoid diseases are some examples of the most prominent physicians in Yazd.

Well-equipped Healthcare Centers

According to the quantitative and qualitative healthcare indicators, Yazd has a more favorable rank than the country's total average. Because there are more than 2,650 beds, more than 20 medical centers, 159 healthcare centers, and other clinical and paraclinical facilities, Yazd has become one of Iran's most important medical centers. In this regard, research centers in fertility and infertility, dentistry, cardiovascular diseases, and women's diseases have provided a good opportunity for specialized medical activities.

Yazd Medical Tourism is known as Yazd Reproductive Sciences Institute, which is regarded as the first clinical center for infertility in the Middle East. Many patients come to this institute to receive medical services worldwide.

Yazd Reproductive Sciences Institute is the hub of infertility treatment in Iran. It has always welcomed many couples from all over Iran. Patients from neighboring countries and European countries have been referred to the center to treat their infertility and experience pleasant feelings and parenting.

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The Raadina Health, Medical Tourism Company

As one of the best medical tourism companies in Iran, Raadina Co. helps you find accommodations at reasonable prices, book appointments with the best physicians and health centers, arrange transportation inside the country, apply for Iran medical visa, etc.

Suppose you plan to travel to Iran to receive various medical services such as infertility treatments or perform weight loss and cosmetic surgeries. In that case, our consultants will be ready to provide you with any information you need to know.

FAQs on Health Tourism in Iran

1) Why should I choose Iran for medical treatment?

Iran is a developed country in the medical field, especially in cosmetic surgeries and fertility treatments. Also, the price of healthcare services in Iran is incomparable to other countries in the Middle East. Therefore, this country is a proper destination for various medical treatments.

2) Is the healthcare system in Iran good?

Based on UNICEF's rating, Iran has an "excellent" healthcare system, with numerous skilled specialists and modern hospitals. 

3) What does the term "medical tourism" mean?

Medical tourism, also known as health tourism and medical travel, refers to traveling to another country to receive medical treatment. People usually use healthcare services in other countries to benefit from more skilled doctors' experience or reduce their medical expenses. 

4) What are the biggest health issues in Iran?

Although Iran is famous for its plastic surgeons and cosmetic hospitals, the five main health issues in the country are cardiovascular diseases, cancer, injuries, diabetes, and depressive disorders. 

5) Is healthcare expensive in Iran?

The price of public and private medical treatments in Iran is very reasonable compared to the quality of healthcare services.

6) What is the best country for medical tourism?

In the Middle East, Iran is one of the top 10 countries for medical treatment because it has many world-renowned surgeons and the best healthcare providers. They have graduated from top universities in the world.

7) Is Iran dangerous for medical tourists?

Hosting thousands of medical tourists annually, Iran is as safe as other countries around the globe in terms of receiving healthcare services.  

8) Does Iran have a lot of medical tourists?

Iran's public health care system has excellent standards; therefore, thousands of foreign patients visit the country to receive medical treatment and go sightseeing simultaneously.

9) Why is medical tourism in Iran recommended?

Medical tourism in Iran thrives due to its combination of cost-effective, high-quality healthcare, specialized treatments like cosmetic surgery and organ transplantation, lenient visa policies, and strategic location, making it accessible to patients from various regions. Additionally, the country's rich cultural heritage and tourist attractions provide an added incentive for patients to combine treatment with leisure travel. With government support and modern healthcare facilities, Iran continues to attract a growing number of medical tourists seeking affordable yet reliable medical care abroad.

10) Is healthcare in Iran good?

Iran's healthcare system offers a mix of public and private services, with significant strides made in recent years to improve access and quality of care. The country boasts well-trained medical professionals and modern facilities, particularly in urban centers. Iran's healthcare system is known for its specialization in certain areas like organ transplantation, cancer treatment, and cosmetic surgery. 

11) What do you mean by the term medical tourists?

Medical tourists are individuals who travel to another country to receive medical treatment or undergo medical procedures. These treatments can range from elective procedures like cosmetic surgery and fertility treatments to more specialized medical care such as organ transplantation or cancer treatment. Medical tourists often seek treatment abroad for various reasons, including cost considerations, access to specialized procedures not available in their home country, shorter wait times, or a desire to combine medical treatment with leisure travel.

12) Is there tourism in Iran? 

Yes, tourism in Iran is significant and has been steadily growing in recent years. Iran boasts a rich cultural heritage, historical sites, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality, attracting millions of visitors annually. Tourists flock to iconic attractions such as the ancient city of Persepolis, the beautiful mosques of Isfahan, the stunning architecture of Shiraz, and the bustling bazaars of Tehran. Iran also offers diverse natural attractions, including the lush forests of Gilan, the deserts of Yazd, and the pristine beaches along the Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea coastlines. Despite occasional political tensions and international sanctions, Iran remains a popular destination for adventurous travelers seeking unique experiences and cultural immersion.

13) Is it safe to visit Iran as a tourist?

Safety considerations for visiting Iran as a tourist can vary depending on factors such as political tensions, regional stability, and individual circumstances. Generally, Iran is considered safe for tourists, and millions of visitors from around the world travel there each year without encountering significant issues. However, it's essential to stay informed about the current situation, check for any travel advisories issued by your government, and exercise common sense precautions. Respect local customs, dress modestly, avoid participating in political activities or demonstrations, and be mindful of cultural sensitivities. While occasional tensions may arise, most visitors to Iran find the country to be welcoming, hospitable, and rich in history and culture.

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