What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism is considered one of the branches of tourism industry. Today, much attention is paid to it due to different reasons including.

Why Was Medical Tourism Formed?

  • A long queue to start the treatment process;
  • Lack of medical facilities in the traveler’s country;
  • High cost of treatment in the traveler’s country;
  • Lack of insurance coverage;
  • Changes in consumer values;
  • Insufficient health care services in the traveler’s country;
  • Population ageing.

Advantages of Medical Tourism

  • Medical Tourism also has advantages for the targeted patients including:
  • High-tech healthcare system in the destination;
  • Lack of waiting queue and quick-start treatment;
  • Reasonable price for treatment process as well as travel and accommodation costs.

Medical Tourism in Iran

Many people travel to different countries to access healthcare services every year and Iran is one of the favorable destinations for medical tourism. Due to the presence of skilled and experienced physicians, well-equipped medical centers, and using up-to-date methods, Iran receives many patients from all over the world every year. The statistics show that in 2012, about 30,000 trips were conducted to Iran with the aim of medical purposes. In addition to the availability of necessary medical opportunities in Iran, there are warm and cold mineral springs as well as progresses in the field of technology, medical sciences, medicinal herbs, and owning special geographic regions and various ecosystems have led Iran to become a health tourism center and an ideal destination for tourists seeking medical purposes.

Why Yazd?

The city of Yazd is one of the top destinations for health tourism. The city is located in the center of Iran and it is easily accessible through roads, railways, and by flights from parts of the country. Yazd is rich in desert areas which are considered one of the main attractions in Yazd for sightseeing; however, therapeutic properties of deserts for various disease such as joints pain and its absolute silence and peace doubled the value of the desert to attract many travelers and meditators around the world to experience Eco tours and health tours.

In addition to natural and historical attractions, the city of Yazd is one of the top medical destinations by taking advantage of owning well-equipped hospitals and skillful physicians and specialists which have made Yazd one of the best and most standardized region in the Middle East in terms of medical facilities and specialized hospitals, especially in the fields such as infertility, heart disease, etc.

Low Cost Treatment

One of the main reasons for traveling to Iran to receive medical services is low medical expenses here. In the past, people from developing countries traveled to developed countries in order to get better health services. Nowadays, therapeutic travels have reached a new concept. Today people travel to access high-quality health services at a lower price than the price in their own country. Yazd is considered one of the cheapest and, at the same time, one of the most prominent cities of Iran for seeking medical purposes.

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Well-experienced Specialists and Physicians

Yazd houses a large number of proficient physicians in different fields. Many physicians and specialists from Yazd are famous all over the world. Prof. Abbas Aflatoonian in the field of infertility, Dr. Sadr in the cardiology, and Prof. Owlia in the field of rheumatoid diseases are some examples of the most prominent physicians in Yazd.

Well-equipped Healthcare Centers

According to the quantitative and qualitative indicators of healthcare, Yazd has more favorable rank than the total average of the country. Due to the fact that there are more than 2,650 beds and more than 20 medical centers, 159 health care centers, and other clinical and paraclinical facilities, Yazd has become one of the most important medical centers in Iran. In this regard, the existence of research centers in the fields of fertility and infertility, dentistry, cardiovascular diseases and women’s diseases, has provided a good opportunity for specialized medical activities. Yazd medical tourism is known with Yazd Reproductive Sciences Institute which is regarded as the first clinical center of infertility in the Middle East. Many patients come from around the world to this institute to receive medical services.Yazd Reproductive Sciences Institute is recognized as the hub of infertility treatment in Iran and has always welcomed many couples from all over Iran, the neighboring countries, as well as European countries, who have referred to the center to treat their infertility and experience the pleasant feeling and parenting.

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