What Is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism is considered one of the branches of tourism industry which has been recently the center of attention due to different reasons including the followings:

Why Was Medical Tourism Formed?

    • A long queue to start the treatment process;
    • Lack of medical facilities in the traveler’s country;
    • High cost of treatment in the traveler’s country;
    • Lack of insurance coverage;
    • Changes in consumer values;
    • Insufficient health care services in the traveler’s country;
    • Population ageing.

Advantages of Medical Tourism

    • Medical Tourism also has advantages for the targeted patients including:
    • High-tech healthcare system in the destination;
    • Lack of waiting queue and quick-start treatment;
    • Reasonable price for treatment process as well as travel and accommodation costs.

Medical Tourism in Iran

Many people travel to different countries to access healthcare services every year and Iran is one of the favorable destinations for medical tourism. Due to reasonable cost and high quality medical services at the same time in Iran compared to many other countries around the world, Iran and particularly Yazd city is regarded as one of the main destinations in medical tourism where patients can enjoy the natural and touristic attractions while receiving medical services.

Why Yazd?

Yazd is a historical and desert city located in the center of Iran which has been recently declared as a UNESCO world heritage site. Yazd is considered one of the modern cites in Iran and is nick named as The City of Bicycles and The City of Wind Towers.

Yazd is a mixture of history and modernity. In one part of the city, you can find an old city which is still alive, houses locals and hosts travelers interested in history. In another part of the city, you can find modern life with all it requires such as modern buildings, universities, hospitals, etc.

Yazd is regarded as one of the best-equipped and modern cities in terms of medical tourism with several specialized hospitals, health care centers and skilled specialists for example in the field of heart, eye, skin and hair (dermatology), orthopedic and burns.

Yazd Is Easy to Access

    Owing to the particular geographical location, being located in the center of Iran, accessing the main road networks, Yazd is considered a major connecting point of north to south and east to west of the country. Moreover, due to being located in the highway and railroad corridor in Asia, Yazd has also an important place in the country and region.

    Additionally, Yazd city has an international airport and a train station which makes it easier to access Yazd.

Well-experienced Specialist and Physicians

    Yazd enjoys a lot of skillful and knowledgeable physicians who do their best to cure their patients as best as possible. On the other hand, Yazd has some modern medicine universities which train medicine students and do researches in the field of different disease and sciences to overcome disease with the latest methods. All these and other health care and medical capabilities have made Yazd a main trusted medical center in the country and even in the Middle East.

Low Cost Treatment

    Despite the fact that Yazd has outstanding and physicians, the cost of health care services and treatment is very low in Yazd in comparison to other that in other countries and even other provinces in Iran. However, it is not only the cost of health care and treatment process that is low in Yazd. Cost of travel and accommodation is also low in Yazd. Therefore, low cost of services as well as high-tech equipment and facilities have made Yazd and Iran a favorable destination for medical tourism.

Well-equipped Healthcare Centers

    According to statistics published by health and treatment ministry of Iran, the health services in Yazd enjoys significantly high-quality in terms of both quality and quantity. Yazd has 159 health care centers, 20 healthcare institutes which all are equipped the clinical and para-clinical facilities and include more than 2650 beds.

    Moreover, there are research institutes for fertility and infertility, diabetes, heart and arteries, different kinds of cancer etc. which provide a good opportunity for specialized medical activities. One of the institutes that has doubled the importance of Yazd in the field of medicine is Yazd Reproductive Sciences Institute which is regarded as the first clinical center for infertility in the Middle Elast as well as the pole of infertility treatment in Iran receiving many patients from all over the world every year.

Shahid Ramazanzade Radiotherapy Center

    As the most equipped and prominent radiotherapy center with the well-experienced staff and experts in the south, south-east and center of Iran, Ramazanzadeh Radiotherapy Center which provides medical diagnostic services plays an important role in treatment of cancer, motivating patients and reducing stress.

Afshar Hospital

    Owing to more than 1300 heart surgeries, 4000 angiographies and 1000 angioplasties, Afshar Hospital in Yazd is considered one of the most important Heart Hospital and Yazd Cardiovascular Research Center in Iran.

Diabetes Research Center and Clinics

    With about 37,000 patients, Diabetes Research Center and Clinics in Yazd professionally deals with research, education, prevention and treatment of diabetes. A number of knowledgeable specialists gather in the center to work in the field of treatment methods, healthy diets and nutrition, and preventive drugs in order to control and cure diabetes. The specialists and experts consult about the diabetic patients in terms of their nutrition and diet, optometry, blood glucose control during pregnancy, improving the wounds as well as how to use the modern medical equipment.

    To sum up, it can be said that Yazd has the enough potential for providing the best medical services in the different fields including infertility, radiotherapy, cancer, diabetes treatments  in the best price possible to the international and domestic patients.

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