Which Country Is Best for Plastic Surgery in the World?

The demand for cosmetic surgery has increased among people of various ages, genders, and ethnicities during the last decade. With so many countries advancing in this industry, it is hard to find the best country for plastic surgery; therefore, in this article, we have introduced the leading countries in plastic surgery and have compared the price of popular cosmetic surgeries in different countries to help you find the best place for your operation.

Best Countries for Plastic Surgery

Why Getting Plastic Surgery Abroad?

If you have been researching plastic surgery, you may have noticed that most of these operations are costly and must be done by a master hand. Body plastic surgeries like boob job, breast reduction, abdominoplasty, BBL, and abdominal liposuction are done under general anesthesia, and their results are almost irreversible. Even more common operations, such as rhinoplasty and facelifts, require the experience of a proficient surgeon. Otherwise, they can cause lots of trouble. 

Therefore, many people, even the ones living in developed countries, travel abroad to benefit from top-tier medical services at a more affordable price. Fortunately, you can get cosmetic surgery in some countries like Iran and Turkey, where the accommodation, surgeons’ fees, flight costs, and exchange rates are quite cheap.  

Best Countries for Plastic Surgery

Some of the criteria you should consider when looking for the best country for plastic surgery include the facilities of its clinics and hospitals, the surgeons’ level of education and expertise, the price of accommodation and transport in that country, and the costs of the particular plastic surgery you intend to get. We are going to introduce best countries for plastic surgery:

  • Czech Republic
  • South Korea
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Greece
  • Turkey
  • Iran

Best Countries for Plastic Surgery

Czech Republic

Having a rich history in plastic surgery, the Czech Republic is the main destination for Europeans who are searching for high-standard cosmetic surgeries. The factor that differentiates this country from other European countries is the combination of its top-notch healthcare system with affordable prices. In the Czech Republic, especially in Prague, the surgeons work in well-equipped clinics where the staff speak English fluently and make the patients feel at home. 

South Korea 

Seol has become one of the most visited parts of the world not only for its attractions but also for plastic surgeries like liposuction, facelifts, and nose jobs. Having advanced medical equipment and affordable prices (almost %50 cheaper than in European countries) have made this country very popular among people around the world. 


Around %70 of candidates for plastic surgery in Poland are foreign patients. The reasons that this European country became famous for cosmetic surgery are the reliability of its surgeons, its affordable prices, and its robust healthcare facilities.


Spain owes its popularity in plastic surgery to its affordable prices (almost %60 lower than the USA) and its numerous board-certified surgeons. In this country, you can not only benefit from first-rate medical services but also enjoy picturesque scenes and beaches. In the following, you can see the prices of different cosmetic surgeries in the main cities of this country, i.e., Madrid and Barcelona.


Greece is popular among the foreign patients because its surgeons are usually trained in the USA or UK. So, the patients can rely on the mastery and expertise of the Greek surgeons. Also, the surgeon’s fee and clinic charge in Greece are relatively lower than in other European countries. 


Tukey has gained a worldwide reputation in recent years as the cost of cosmetic surgeries in this country is much lower than in other European countries, and the quality of healthcare services there is high.


Perhaps the best and cheapest country for plastic surgery in the world is Iran. You can have multiple cosmetic surgeries in this country at the same price as a single operation in the USA or Europe. Moreover, having plastic surgery in Iran is a win-win deal since you can enjoy the outcome of your surgery while you are availing of the rich culture of this country.

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Cheapest Country for Plastic Surgery

Cheapest Country for Plastic Surgery

As can be inferred from the tables mentioned above, Iran has been the cheapest country for plastic surgery so far. Whether you want to get invasive plastic surgery (like breast augmentation, breast reduction, or tummy tuck) or a non-invasive one (like Botox injection and dental surgery), you can benefit from the expertise of Iranian surgeons and advanced facilities of beauty clinics in this country. You can also save a good deal of money by choosing one of the economical packages of Raadina Co., which includes your visa costs, accommodation, surgeon’s fee, post-op medications, etc. 

Plastic Surgery in Iran

What Plastic Surgeries Do People Get Abroad?

Among the numerous cosmetic procedures, people get the following ones abroad more often.

Plastic Surgery
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What Plastic Surgeries Do People Get Abroad?

FAQs about the Best Country for Plastic Surgery

1) How can I get cosmetic surgery in Iran at an affordable price?

The best and easiest way of having plastic surgery at an affordable cost in Iran is to find a reliable company that provides you with all sorts of services, from the first consultation to the last checkup before getting back home. If you are interested in getting cosmetic surgery in Iran, contact the Raadina Team to get more information about our plastic surgery packages.  

2) Why is plastic surgery in Iran cheap?

The main reasons for the affordability of plastic surgery in Iran are the low wages and daily costs, as well as the competitive market of clinics in this country. 

3) What factors should I consider when I decide to have plastic surgery abroad?

You should consider the cost of plastic surgery, the expertise and reputation of the surgeons, hospital or clinic’s charges, availability of medications, type and cost of accommodation, flight price, exchange rate, and cost and accessibility of transport in that country when choosing the best country for plastic surgery.  

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