How does mild varicocele affect male infertility?

Grade 1 Varicocele - Does It Require Treatment?

In most cases, grade 1 varicocele does not require surgical treatment, but if left untreated, it may affect sperm production and quality. Men dealing with grade 1 varicocele can improve their condition by changing their lifestyle, taking prescribed medications, and, in more serious cases, undergoing microscopic varicocelectomy.

Sex Selection with IUI: Can you Choose a Gender with IUI?

Some people use PGD to select the gender of their baby in order to balance their family, avoid gender-related genetic disorders, and increase the chance of conceiving. In IUI sex selection, the doctor examines sperms in the laboratory to find and transfer the ones with preferred chromosomes (XX or XY). The success rate of sex selection with IUI depends on the mother's age, but generally, it ranges from %2 to %20.

How to Diagnose Early Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms?

Ectopic pregnancy is a dangerous situation as it can cause permanent damage to the fallopian tube(s) and jeopardize the mother's life. Severe bleeding, sharp pain in the stomach and anus, pain in the neck and shoulders, pale skin, low blood pressure, and vomiting are the first and most important signs of ectopic pregnancy.

What Is Uterus Laparoscopic Surgery? How Is It Performed?

Laparoscopy is done to either find the cause of infertility or to treat the reproductive system. In this operation, the surgeon makes a small cut near the belly button and pumps carbon dioxide gas into the abdomen to have better operative space and visualization. Then, a surgical laparoscope is inserted in the abdomen to examine the organs or take samples from them. In the last step, the incisions are sutured and bandaged.

How to Prevent Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome After Egg Retrieval?

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome happens when the ovaries swell and leak. Pain in the lower abdomen, bloating, rapid weight gain, and upset stomach are the main signs of OHSS. The doctor can prevent the advancement of OHSS by cutting or reducing HCG medications, prescribing low doses of gonadotropins, adding certain medicines like aspirin and cabergoline to your diet, and freezing eggs for future IVFs.
ICSI in Iran

ICSI Treatment Procedure and Success Rate

ICSI is a perfect treatment for couples whose infertility is mostly associated with sperm parameters, like low sperm count and abnormal shape of the sperm. In this method, a healthy sperm is directly injected into the center of an egg to fertilize it. The resulting embryo is then transferred into the mother's womb. The success rate of ICSI depends on several factors, but generally, it ranges between %70 and %85.