What Clothes to Wear After Breast Reduction Surgery?

Today, numerous body contouring surgeries enhance people's body shapes and improve their self-esteem. One of the most popular body plastic surgeries is breast reduction, in which the breasts are reshaped and resized to become more proportioned to other body parts.

The major concern of all patients after this operation is what to do for an easier recovery. In this essay, we discuss different aspects of breast reduction recovery and provide useful tips on what to wear during and after the recovery period of this procedure.

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What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammaplasty, is a major operation performed for aesthetic and medical purposes. Having overly large breasts can cause numerous problems, such as pain in the shoulder, neck, and back, rash under the breasts, chronic headaches, inability to exercise, numbness in fingers, and low self-confidence due to attracting unwanted attention. Many fatty and glandular tissues are removed from the breasts to eliminate the patient's discomfort. 

Breast Reduction Recovery Tips

As you recover from breast reduction surgery, it is crucial to consider some post-op tips. Applying too much pressure on the operated area can alter the surgery results and prolong recovery. Therefore, you should not wear tight clothes and bras until your wounds are completely healed. 

Doing household chores and exercises (even the light ones) is prohibited for several weeks after breast reduction surgery as they can cause more swelling, scarring, and pain. 

Getting enough sleep after breast reduction is important in recovering faster and better, but you must start walking once your pain is reduced. Walking a few minutes around the house regulates your blood pressure and prevents the formation of blood clots in your arteries.

Breast Reduction Surgery
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What to Wear After Breast Reduction Surgery?

Although wearing fit clothes is tempting after breast reduction surgery, wearing loose and comfortable ones for at least four weeks is highly recommended. The best types of clothes to wear during the recovery period are loose button-up shirts, zip-up hoodies, and standard post-surgical bras because these clothes would not strain your incisions and cause them to rupture.

The only tight-fit piece of clothing you are allowed to wear during the breast reduction recovery period is a compression bra, as it minimizes some of the surgery's complications, such as swelling, pain, and bruising.

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Wearing Compression Bra After Breast Reduction

Timeline of Wearing Compression Bra After Breast Reduction Surgery

Since compression bras are a bit uncomfortable, most patients tend to take them off as soon as possible. But typically, patients may wonder how long to wear a compression bra after breast reduction. It is advised to wear them for six weeks after the breast reduction surgery. We divide this six-week period into two stages.

Stage 1: Week 1-3 after breast reduction

During the first three weeks after breast reduction, your tissues are vulnerable and painful. Also, the swelling is at its maximum level, and there is still the risk of developing a seroma. You should wear a compression bra day and night at this stage, but you can take them off when showering. The bra applies sufficient pressure on the breast tissue and helps the lymphatic system drain excess fluids. Also, it prevents the accumulation of blood clots under the skin (bruising) and keeps your wounds away from direct sunlight. 

Stage 2: Week 4-6 after breast reduction

In the second stage of breast reduction recovery, your wounds are healed, the swelling is subsided, and the bruising is gone. You can move and sleep more comfortably, with no risk of developing seroma. Therefore, you can only wear compression bras during the day and regular sports bras at night. Remember that sticking to a compression bra for six weeks helps your breasts to have a better shape and size. You can stop wearing them when your wounds are completely healed, and your breasts are fixed into their new position.

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Wearing Compression Bra After Breast Reduction

Wearing compression garments such as leggings, bras, socks, and binders after each plastic surgery is essential to recovery. A compression bra is a kind of tight garment made of breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that supports the breasts, keeps the incisions dry and clean, and reduces swelling. In the following, the main benefits of wearing a compression bra after breast reduction are mentioned in detail.

Reducing inflammation

Inflammation is an unavoidable side effect of any kind of surgery, including breast reduction. The most efficient way of controlling and reducing the swelling after this operation is wearing a compression bra all the time, except during the shower. This type of bra prevents the formation of seromas under the skin and reduces the bruising in the surgical site; therefore, wearing a compression bra for six weeks following the surgery will cause less bruising and swelling.

Speeding up the healing process

As mentioned earlier, compression bras can reduce swelling and let the blood circulate in the operated part better. Doing so can transfer more nutrients and oxygen to the damaged tissue, resulting in faster healing.

Protecting the wounds

Compression bras protect the sutures from stretching, opening, and getting infected. Also, they keep you from scratching and rubbing the incisions unintentionally. So, you can reduce the risk of hurting your wounds by wearing these bras for as long as your doctor suggests. 

Reducing post-op pain

The first week after breast reduction surgery is the hardest, as you will have sharp pain in your chest, back, and armpit. Wearing a compression bra prevents the tissues and muscles from stretching and moving freely, especially when you walk or move your hand. So, although compression bras may seem uncomfortable, they minimize your post-op pain to a great extent and help you move around comfortably. 

Improving final results

Although breast reduction results are long-lasting, you can have a more permanent and satisfactory result by wearing a compression bra, maintaining a healthy diet, and exercising after the surgery. The bras keep your breast tissues in their new place, preventing skin saginess. 

What to Wear After Breast Reduction Surgery?

How Long Should I Wear My Surgical Bra After Breast Reduction?

You should keep wearing the compression or surgical bra for at least six weeks. It is suggested to refrain from wearing pullovers and slim-fit clothes until your wounds are healed completely.

What Happens If You Don't Wear a Compression Bra After Breast Reduction?

If you do not wear a compression bra after breast reduction surgery, it may lead to several potential issues:

  • Swelling: Wearing a compression bra helps reduce swelling by providing gentle pressure on the surgical area. Without the compression, you may experience increased swelling, which can prolong your recovery time.
  • Discomfort: A compression bra offers support and helps minimize discomfort after surgery. Not wearing one may result in increased pain or discomfort during the healing process.
  • Poor healing: The compression provided by a specialized bra helps promote proper healing by reducing movement and supporting the surgical site. Without this support, there is an increased risk of poor wound healing or complications.
  • Increased risk of complications: Not wearing a compression bra can increase the risk of complications such as hematoma (collection of blood), seroma (collection of fluid), or infection.

Features of a Good Compression Bra

Some surgeons recommend certain brands of compression bra after the operation, but if you want to choose the right bra on your own, here are a few features that a standard compression bra must have:

  • Being front closure
  • Being adjustable
  • Having no wire 
  • Having high-quality fabric
  • Having the right degree of compression
  • Having long strips
  • Having the right size

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Right Age for Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery in Iran

Breast reduction surgery is a popular cosmetic procedure in Iran. With its advanced medical facilities and skilled surgeons, Iran has become a sought-after destination for individuals seeking breast reduction surgery. Iranian surgeons employ various techniques, such as liposuction and tissue removal, to reduce the size of the breasts while maintaining their natural shape and proportion.

Moreover, Iran boasts a high standard of healthcare facilities that adhere to strict safety regulations, ensuring a safe and comfortable surgical experience. Lastly, undergoing breast reduction surgery in Iran allows patients to combine their medical journey with exploring the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of the country, offering a unique and enriching experience overall.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Iran

FAQs About What to Wear After Breast Reduction Surgery

1) When can I wear normal clothes after breast reduction surgery?

You can wear whatever you want from a week after the surgery, but you should keep wearing the compression or surgical bra for at least three weeks. It is suggested to refrain from wearing pullovers and slim-fit clothes until your wounds are healed completely.

2) Can I wear a sports bra instead of a compression bra?

Sports bras do not apply enough pressure on the breast tissue, so they shouldn't be worn until the seventh week after reduction mammoplasty.

3) Can I take my compression bra off when I sleep?

During the first three weeks following the breast reduction surgery, you have to wear your compression bra day and night, but in the second three weeks, you can wear a sports bra instead of a compression one at night. A sports bra is generally more comfortable and applies less pressure.

4) Are my scars visible under the bra after breast reduction surgery?

Fortunately, no. The breast reduction surgery scars can be thoroughly concealed under a normal bra or bikini top.

5) When Can I Sleep Without a Bra After Breast Reduction?

Typically, your surgeon will provide specific guidelines regarding when you can sleep without a bra. In general, it is recommended to wear a supportive bra continuously for the first few weeks following surgery, including during sleep. This helps to minimize swelling and provides support to the healing breasts. After this initial period, your surgeon may advise you to transition to sleeping without a bra gradually.

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