Thigh Liposuction

Thigh Liposuction: How Does It Perform? + [Recovery]

With thigh liposuction, you will have slimmer and more proportioned legs in just a couple of months. The most popular techniques of thigh lipo are tumescent, ultrasound-assisted, laser-assisted, and power-assisted. In all these methods, the fat cells are first liquified and then are suctioned out of the body through a small hole in the skin. The recovery of thigh lipo takes only two weeks, and its results are revealed within 4 to 6 weeks.
Back liposuction is a surgery targets stubborn pockets of fat on the upper and lower back, flanks, and bra line.

Back Fat Removal Surgery: Procedure & benefits

In back lipo, the surgeon melts the fat pockets with sound waves and removes them with a suction device. The goal of this operation is to reshape the back and love handles, improve the posture, and remove the bra rolls. Common and temporary complications of back liposuction are infection, uneven skin, swelling, and minimal scarring. You can enjoy the results of this procedure after 3 to 4 months.
Post Liposuction Compression Garments

Compression Garments After Liposuction: How Long to Wear?

Compression garment reduces post-lipo swelling, support the operated tissues and muscles, retract the skin, and prevent hematoma. Surgeons usually suggest wearing compression garments after liposuction surgery for six weeks to achieve better results. The size, level of compression, design, and material of the garment will be determined by your plastic surgeon.