Chin Liposuction: Best Procedure to Get rid of Double Chin

Double chin, also known as submental fat, refers to extra layers of fatty tissues that develop under the chin and make the face and neck look bigger and wider. Double chin can be shrunk by exercising and maintaining a healthy diet, but it may take months before its changes are apparent. Liposuction surgery is the fastest and most permanent double chin removal method.

Signs of Bad Liposuction: How Do you Know If Lipo Is Botched?

During the last decades, various surgical techniques have been devised to permanently remove local fat deposits from the body, the most popular of which is liposuction. However, just like any other cosmetic surgery, liposuction may go wrong too. The majority of liposuction success rate depends on the experience and expertise of the plastic surgeon, patient’s current health, and his/her post-op care.

What Are the Differences Between Liposuction and Lipomatic?

With the advancement of body contouring surgeries, having a slim body and a flat stomach is not a dream anymore. So far, various surgical methods have been developed to help people get rid of their local fat deposits and saggy skins. Although these techniques have many similar features and characteristics, they have some slight differences in their procedures, recovery periods, and side effects.

What Not to Do After Liposuction for a Better Result?

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure through which unwanted fat deposits are extracted from different parts of the body by a suction device. Various methods of liposuction are practiced today, each of which has some pros and cons. Just like other cosmetic surgeries, it is important to have a postoperative plan after liposuction to promote the healing process and prevent potential side effects.