Crooked Nose After Rhinoplasty: Can Asymmetrical Nose be Fixed?

Nose asymmetry after rhinoplasty is a complex issue involving physical and emotional aspects, requiring an understanding of surgical techniques, healing processes, and psychological well-being. Addressing it involves surgical and non-surgical corrections, patient satisfaction, swelling and scar tissue impact, and the importance of setting realistic expectations. The guide provides insights into managing and preventing asymmetry, emphasizing the critical role of choosing a skilled surgeon, adhering to post-operative care, and exploring complementary procedures to achieve a balanced and satisfying outcome.

Bad Nose Job: How to Fix Botched Rhinoplasty?

Botched rhinoplasty happens when the surgeon damages the nasal structure or changes its shape adversely. Difficult breathing, having a dent on the nose, low nasal bridge, etc., are the main signs of botched rhinoplasty. Although a bad nose job is uncommon, you can fix it by getting revision rhinoplasty or injecting fillers.