What Is the Process of Getting Breast Implants?

Unproportioned, saggy, and asymmetrical breasts can affect women’s posture, impair their self-image, increase their anxiety, and lower their self-confidence. Thanks to medical advancements, various body plastic surgeries are performed nowadays to make the breasts look more proportioned, balanced, and symmetrical. One of the most popular types of breast surgeries is breast augmentation, also known as boob job.
Prepare for a Breast Augmentation Surgery

Top 10 Pre Breast Augmentation Essential Tips

Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery that aims to increase the breasts' size and volume and give them a better shape. Before breast augmentation, many questions will be in your mind, which is quite normal. To achieve a remarkable result, the surgeon's expertise and the patient's special care are needed, so you should be careful about what to do and avoid before this operation.
The best and most permanent treatment for nipple deformities is nipple correction surgery.

Inverted nipple surgery: procedures, recovery & side effect

Each breast has two parts: the projected and surrounding pigmented areas. Sometimes, the projected part -or nipple- points inward, making the breast look unnatural. Although nipple inversion does not cause any medical problems, it changes the appearance of the breast and affects the patient's self-esteem. In this essay, we discuss different aspects of inverted nipple surgery and answer some of your questions.