Drop and Fluff After Breast Augmentation: When Does it Happen?

The breast implants drop and fluff 3 to 6 months after the breast augmentation surgery. When they settle in their intended position, your breasts look and feel more natural. The process of drop and fluff may begin sooner if you wear a supportive bra, avoid heavy activities, massage your breasts every day, drink plenty of water, and adjust your sleeping position to your current breast condition.

What Is the Process of Getting Breast Implants?

The boob job involves using implants and fat grafts to augment or restore the breasts and give them a younger look. Fat transfer breast augmentation is minimally invasive and has a short recovery time, but its outcome is less prominent. Boob job with breast implants, on the other hand, is more invasive and involves cuts and scarring; however, its results are considerable and vivid.
The best and most permanent treatment for nipple deformities is nipple correction surgery.

Inverted Nipple Surgery: Procedures, Recovery & Side Effect

An inverted nipple is harmless, but it may interfere with your breastfeeding, lower your self-confidence, and impact your sexual activity. Based on the grade of nipple inversion, the doctor suggests using Hoffman's technique, suction devices, nipple piercings, or getting cosmetic surgery. Although nipple surgery fully restores the nipples, it might harm all or some of the milk ducts.