Breast Reduction in Abroad: Which Country Is Better?

Women with large and heavy breasts may experience health concerns such as rash and infection under the breasts, pain in the neck and shoulder, poor posture, shortness of breath when sleeping, etc.

The most effective way of eliminating these problems is to have a breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammaplasty. In this article, we discuss the features of the best country for breast reduction surgery and answer some of your questions. 

Best Country for Breast Reduction Surgery

What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is a body cosmetic surgery in which excess skin, fats, and tissues are removed from the breasts to make them smaller and lighter. By getting a breast reduction, your breasts will be reshaped and lifted without serious damage to your glands and nerves. By getting reduction mammaplasty, you:

  • Can have a better quality of life;
  • Will have higher self-esteem;
  • Won’t receive unwanted attention anymore;
  • Cen exercise without any difficulty;
  • Can breathe properly; and
  • It will look thinner and fitter. 

However, not all people with large breasts are good candidates for breast reduction surgery. To be an ideal candidate for this surgery, you must be over 18, or your breasts should have been fully grown. Also, if you take hormonal medications or want to get pregnant in the future, you should reconsider getting reduced mammaplasty.

Breast reduction surgery is a plastic body surgery
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Breast reduction surgery is a plastic body surgery

The Best Country for Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction is a complicated operation and can have disastrous outcomes if done incorrectly. Therefore, the first step in breast reduction surgery is to find the best place to get it. Many women -and men- with large breasts tend to do this surgery but cannot afford it in their home country.

In such a situation, they can travel abroad and get reduced mammaplasty at a more reasonable price and higher quality. Thanks to their developed healthcare system and experienced plastic surgeons, Iran, Turkey, China, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic are the most popular destinations for breast reduction.

Why Is Iran the Best Country for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Iran has a long-standing policy of developing its medical tourism, where visitors benefit from the remarkably lower costs of various treatments, especially plastic surgeries such as breast reduction. This gives the patients a chance to save money on more important things such as postoperative care or even plastic surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery In Iran

In the last decade, Iran has blossomed into breast reduction surgery as numerous modern, well-equipped hospitals and clinics have been constructed all over the country. These hospitals have the most skilled healthcare providers who provide you with the best services at a fair price. Most importantly, renowned Iranian plastic surgeons have graduated from top international universities and are knowledgeable in breast reduction surgery. You can trust Iranian breast reduction surgeons and enjoy the result of your operation for the rest of your life.

Sightseeing in Iran is another reason people choose Iran for reduced mammaplasty. Iran is a popular holiday destination for the ones who enjoy sunny beaches, lush forests, vast deserts, and cloudy mountainous areas. After your breast reduction recovery, you can have a short trip around the country and have fun with your family or friends.

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Why Is Iran the Best Country for Breast Reduction Surgery?

FAQs about Breast Reduction Surgery in Iran

What country is the best for breast reduction?

With high-quality and affordable healthcare services and experienced and certified surgeons, Iran is the best country for breast reduction surgery.

Why is breast reduction cheap in Iran?

Due to the low expenses and fair surgeons’ fees, the breast reduction cost in Iran is lower than in other countries.

Which one is better for breast reduction, Iran or Turkey?

Iran is the main capital of plastic surgery in the Middle East; therefore, there are more experienced surgeons and high-standard clinics in the country than in other parts of Asia. Also, Iran has a higher rate of successful breast reduction surgery than Turkey.

How can I find the best breast reduction surgeon in Iran?

You can browse the internet, read the reviews of Iranian surgeons, and find the one with the most positive comments. Raadina Team can also help you in this journey and provide you with the best packages for breast reduction.

Can I get a breast reduction and breast lift at the same time in Iran?

Yes, if you have big but droopy breasts, you can get a breast reduction and breast lift simultaneously in Iran to save time and money. Keep in mind that combining two plastic surgeries requires the experience and expertise of a skilled surgeon, so you have to find a qualified plastic surgeon in Iran to obtain the best results possible. 

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