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Retrograde Ejaculation: What If No Sperm Come Out?

Retrograde ejaculation, also known as dry orgasm, is a male condition in which semen enters the bladder due to obstruction in the urethra instead of being fully ejaculated out of the body. This obstruction can happen due to nerve damage or other factors that may affect the bladder sphincter, the muscle that normally closes off the bladder during ejaculation. As a result, the bladder may no longer function properly and stay open, allowing semen to travel backward into the bladder instead of being expelled from the body.
Testicular Atrophy

What Is the Most Common Cause of Testicular Atrophy?

The testicles, also known as the testes, are male reproductive organs responsible for producing sperm and the hormone testosterone. They are located outside the body within the scrotum, a pouch of skin that hangs below the penis. Testicular atrophy is a condition characterized by the shrinking or reduction in the size of the testicles.
How does mild varicocele affect male infertility?

Grade 1 Varicocele - Does It Require Treatment?

Varicocele occurs when the one-way valves in the veins do not function properly and cause blood to flow backward into the testicle due to the dilation of testicular veins and scrotal cord. The blood entering the testicles contains respiratory waste products. Therefore, varicocele can cause increased waste products in the testicle, increased testicular temperature, and sperm disorders in men.