Implantation Symptoms

Implantation Symptoms: Implantation Bleeding Vs. Period

The first symptoms of implantation are nausea, light spotting, mild cramping, and food craving. Remember that implantation spotting differs from period to period in terms of color, amount, duration, and other factors. Implantation bleeding usually takes a couple of days, and its color is pink or brown. Also, its amount is so small that you don’t need a maxi pad.
Does IVF increase chance of twins

Twins in IVF: Chances and Complications of Twin Pregnancy

Twin pregnancy is common in IVF treatment, as usually, more than one embryo is transferred into the mother's womb. Even if one embryo is put in the uterus, the chance of developing an identical twin is higher in IVF than in natural pregnancy. Although multiple births are exciting for couples longing for a baby, it may have adverse effects on the mother's health and put her life at risk.