Where Is the Cheapest Country For IVF Treatment?

In vitro fertilization, commonly known as IVF, is an assisted reproductive technology (ART) in which the egg and sperm are fertilized in the laboratory, and the resulting embryo is transferred into the mother's uterus. If the embryo successfully implants in the uterus, this will result in pregnancy. Given the high expense and complexity of the procedure, many patients choose to receive IVF abroad to do it for a more affordable price. 

In this article, we enumerate the factors that affect the cost of IVF and introduce the countries that offer the most affordable and competitive healthcare services.

IVF in Iran
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The cost of IVF depends on various factors.

IVF Cost by Country

IVF treatment involves sperm and egg extraction, genetic testing, laparoscopy, fertilization in the laboratory, embryo transfer, etc., all of which makes this treatment so expensive that many couples cannot afford it. In addition, in many countries, insurance plans do not cover IVF treatment, and the patients should pay for it out of pocket. Therefore, infertile couples who wish to have children get their IVF treatment where the total price is more affordable than in their home country.  

Among the European countries, Greece, Turkey, Denmark, Spain, and the Czech Republic have the most affordable IVF prices and high-quality healthcare services. Read on to learn more about the cost of assisted conception in these countries and compare them with some of the more economical options following the introduction of IVF in the cheapest country, i.e., Iran.

IVF in Greece

One of the cheap European countries to get IVF is Greece. The cost of each IVF cycle in this country ranges between 3.000 to 3.5000 EUR, but if you have to use a donor egg, this number exceeds 5.000 EUR. Also, Greece has well-educated fertility specialists, equipped fertility clinics, and short waiting lists to get donor eggs and sperm.

IVF in Turkey

Besides its board-certified physicians and adept embryologists, Turkey has numerous fertility hospitals and labs where couples of all ages can get IVF treatment at a fair price. The cost of IVF in Turkey starts from 1,700 EUR per cycle.

IVF in Denmark

Denmark has the largest egg and sperm banks with the shortest waiting lists. Despite having a high pregnancy rate through assisted reproductive technology (10%), the price of IVF in this country is very reasonable. Each cycle of normal IVF in Denmark will cost you 3.500 EUR, but if you use a donor egg or sperm, it will cost you 5.000 to 6.000 EUR.

IVF in Spain

Spain is the safest European country to get IVF, as numerous laws and regulations ensure the procedure's safety. Also, the success rate of IVF with donor eggs in this country is higher than average in Europe. However, the price of assisted conception in Spain is slightly higher than in other countries, starting from 3.500 to 4.000 EUR for normal IVF. 

IVF in the Czech Republic

In proportion to its population, the Czech Republic has many clinics dedicated to fertility treatment. Unlike other countries, women over the age of 45 can benefit from the healthcare services of this country as well. The cost of IVF in the Czech Republic is relatively low and ranges between 2,500 to 4,000 EUR.

IVF cost in different countries

IVF in Iran 

If you want to benefit from fertility treatments at an even lower price, Iran is the best option for you. Iran is the main hub of IVF as it has numerous high-standard and modern hospitals, specialized physicians, and many regulations that ensure the safety of the patients. Moreover, Iran has some of the best clinics that allow women under 50 and men of any age to benefit from IVF treatment. Iran is also a very popular destination for the ones who need donor eggs/sperm, as there are short waiting lists and high-quality sex cells in the fertility clinics and hospitals of the country. 

IVf in Iran

Where Is the Cheapest Country for IVF?

The total cost of IVF depends on the number of times it should be repeated, the medications, the medical tests and examinations, the doctor and embryologist's fee, and the hospital's charge. Fortunately, Iran has the cheapest IVF in the world as the cost of healthcare services and daily expenses are very low in this country. In general, IVF costs from $ 1,200 per cycle in Iran, but this number may increase to $ 2,500 if additional tests and examinations are required. Iran is the cheapest place to do IVF compared to other countries mentioned earlier.

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Iran has the lowest IVF price in the world

Egg Donation Cost: In Iran and In Other Countries

Egg donation cost in Iran is significantly lower compared to countries abroad. In Iran, the cost of egg donation can range from $1,500 to $6,000, making it a more affordable option for individuals or couples seeking this fertility treatment. This lower cost is primarily due to the country's lower living expenses and medical fees.

On the other hand, in countries abroad, such as the United States or European nations, the cost of egg donation can be substantially higher, ranging from $15,000 to $30,000 or even more. These higher costs are often attributed to various factors, including higher medical expenses, advanced technologies used in fertility treatments, and increased demand for donor eggs. Therefore, individuals considering egg donation may find Iran a more cost-effective option compared to countries abroad.

Factors Affecting IVF Cost in Iran

In Iran, the following factors will affect the price of each IVF cycle:

  • Consultation with a fertility specialist and embryologist: almost 10% of the total cost
  • Basic IVF treatment, including doctor and embryologist's fee, hospital charge, ultrasound scans, anesthetics, egg collection, semen analysis, and embryo transfer: 80% of the total cost
  • Hormonal medications: 10% of the total cost. Notably, the number and cost of hormonal drugs required in each cycle depend on your age, duration of infertility, and the condition of your womb and endometrium. So, the younger and healthier you are, the less your IVF expenses are. 

Also, additional steps such as embryo freezing, immunological tests, PGT and PGD, and other genetic testings may be needed, increasing IVF costs in Iran by 50%.

IVF in Iran Positive Result

Is IVF Allowed in Muslim Countries? 

In Islam, assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF and IUI are allowed and encouraged to treat infertility. Since Iran is an Islamic country, IVF is much easier for people with the same religion as they conform to the religious requirements of this treatment, especially if the couple has to use a donor egg, donor sperm, or surrogacy method.

It is worth mentioning that Iran is the only Muslim country in the Middle East where using donor sex cells and embryos in IVF is widely practiced. So, if you are a Muslim and worry about religious laws hindering your treatment, Iran is a perfect choice for you.

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