How to Prevent Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome After Egg Retrieval?

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome happens when the ovaries swell and leak. Pain in the lower abdomen, bloating, rapid weight gain, and upset stomach are the main signs of OHSS. The doctor can prevent the advancement of OHSS by cutting or reducing HCG medications, prescribing low doses of gonadotropins, adding certain medicines like aspirin and cabergoline to your diet, and freezing eggs for future IVFs.
frozen embryo transfer

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET): Tips, Timeline & Process

IVF with frozen embryos is a perfect treatment for women over the age of 35 and couples who have a history of chromosomal abnormalities. In FET, the doctor first checks the endometrium with ultrasound imaging; second rinse the vagina to reduce the risk of infection; and finally, transfers the frozen embryo using a catheter. This operation takes 20 minutes, is painless, and has no complications.
what to avoid after egg retrieval?

After Egg Retrieval: Do's and Don'ts

Egg retrieval means obtaining egg follicles from the ovaries by a needle. You should get enough rest, take your medications like antibiotics and painkillers on time, use progesterone supplements, inject calcium, etc. Also, you must avoid having intercourse for two weeks and quit smoking and drinking until your treatment is over.
Egg Donation in Iran

How to Get Pregnant with an Egg Donor?

IVF with donor eggs can help women with diminished ovarian reserve and poor egg quality to get pregnant. This treatment initiates with screening the egg donor and ends with transferring the embryo into the uterus. If the intended mother has a uterus or fallopian tube problem as well, the couple can use the surrogacy method.
How to Increase Your Chances of IVF Success

How to Increase Chances of Successful IVF?

Increase your chance of successful IVF by having it under the age of 35, choosing an experienced doctor, quitting your unhealthy habits, taking necessary tests like PGD, and taking folic acid supplements and multivitamins. Also, have your fallopian tubes, endometrium, and quality of your sex cells checked before undergoing IVF.